7 Skin Method with the Whamisa Toner Rich

A ‘7 Skin Method’ Update

“Why my 7 Skin Method is now a 3 Skin Method.”

7 Skin Method with the Whamisa Toner Rich


As you now know, I occasionally eat my pasta leftovers in the bathroom, providing my neighbors with some evening entertainment in the process. The 7 Skin Method is undoubtedly a success if you want to improve the moisture content of your skin. I’d say it might be too good. But read for yourself.

A short two days after my first 7 Skin method attempt, I resolved to once again eat outside my bathroom walls and took my plump skin out to lunch with a friend. While waiting for our table, she shot me a slightly surprised glance and asked why on earth I was so shiny. To be clear, this wasn’t the type of question that alluded to a kind of mystical glow, with which one aims at eliciting a beauty secret. It was more like, “Why do you look like that? Did you come straight after your workout? (And I ask that, knowing you file your facial massages under ‘exercise’).” Somewhat unsettled, I simply replied, “it’s the 7 Skin Method”, relinquished her the table-radar and retreated to the restroom, in search of the answer to her question.

A look in the mirror had me laughing out loud. I really did look overly sweaty, though without the post-workout redness (which one can also achieve through facial massage, by the way). No, I didn’t look sweaty, my face looked wet. No, wetter. The ‘hydration’ had crawled out of my every pore and blended with my foundation into a smooth, extremely shiny layer that might just have started dripping onto the floor the very next second.


I only had two evenings of ‘7 Skin Method’ under my belt – what happened?


I had left the lawn sprinkler on too long, the lawn had flooded and the sun didn’t shine. I had poured water into a glass and, whether it was half-full or half-empty – it was now overflowing with no one drinking from it. In short, I put too much moisture into a system that was obviously capable of storing it, and needed time to use it up.

I blotted my face with toilet paper – correct, toilet paper – and returned, satisfied. At the table I told my friend that my sporty glow was nothing but proof the ‘7 Skin Method’ worked, to then over a bowl of pasta go on to explain to her what the ‘7 Skin Method’ actually was.

The Whamisa Toner (vegan) contributes significantly to the success of this method. It’s so rich and really plumps up the skin, which is why I’ve put my 7 Skin method on a diet, transforming it into a 3 Skin method to be performed once every three days. This still leaves me with enough time for a serving of leftover pasta, and my neighbors with something to ponder at the sight of.


Have you tried the ‘7 Skin Method’? How was your pasta?


Photo: Powder Paper


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