Absolution Cosmetics Eau Soir et Matin

This is the cleansing water you should keep on your bedside table

“For makeup removing, cleansing and nourishing in one step.”


Is it really true that you discover some of your most favorite beauty products while traveling; in your own beauty case? Don’t we all have this one box in the bathroom, storing loads of samples, we only reach out for, when we’re packing for a vactaion, to have enough space in the suitcase for the clothes, of which we’ll wear less than a third? So the Eau Soir et Matin from Absolution Cosmetics I discovered on a journey too, more precisely on a quick trip to the still quite undiscovered world of the make-up artist profession, when I shot the new Ilia Satin Cream Lip Crayons and made a mistake right after my first brush performance. My model Sophia was wearing a bright red shade, which was basically no drama if it had not been for the fact that I wanted to shoot five more colours, including a lighter rosy shade and a nude one. And what do we know about bold reds on lips? They stain, correct.


There I was, standing in front of Sophia, who wore ‘Push It’, a bright coral red on her lips. I smiled confidently, shot my photo and tried not to reveal that in my mind I was already creating a matrix of different makeup removing combinations.
I imagined that it would be easiest to wipe off the red with a Q-Tip. If I tried it with pads or tissues, red would only spread and I would have to touch up her foundation again. I had Q-Tips, but no micellar water at hand, when I suddenly remembered my sample of Absolution Cosmetics Eau Soir et Matin. A makeup remover with ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Lemon Balm, Immortelle and Witch Hazel to not only remove makeup but also to cleanse the skin and calm redness and I could comfortably dip my Q-Tip in the sample. It was worth a try. So I placed the damp Q-Tip on her lips – it smelled good, like herbs and more than just a cleansing water – swiped gently over her lips and could not believe my eyes. The bright red came off so easily, leaving no stain, that the makeup removing became somehow unusually satisfying. I instantly put it in my imaginary shopping cart.


Now it’s the product I reach for when I’m extremly tired, but still wanna be a responsible skincare person (which happens quite often when you live with a tiny human) and remove my makeup, cleanse my face and apply a cocktail of nourishing ingredients to my skin and thanks to the Eau Soir et Matin I can do everything in one step. It’s one of those quick-fix products that’ll stay with you forever once you fall in love with them. It cleanses perfectly and nourishes skin with classic well performing ingredients, which don’t irritate the skin at all, but rather hydrate and calm and may therefore even be an ideal object on your bedside table, for those nights when your energy levels only allow a horizontal evening routine.


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