Can you name five makeup basics?

“Back to school in the classrom of Vogue, with Anna Wintour at the blackboard.”


Picture yourself back at school, this time sitting in the classroom of Vogue, with Anna Wintour herself at the blackboard (do they still have blackboards, or do schools just have some kind of superfluid on the walls now?), quizzing the class on the five fashion basics. Does every student not immediately shoot their hand into the air?
Do we not all begin at once to mentally rifle through the PAX wardrobes in our minds to pull out the following five items:
Jeans, white shirt, blazer, white t-shirt and a little black dress (optional: trenchcoat)? Vocabulary you can study season after season in the fashion magazines of your choice.
“Five timeless pieces for every occasion, to combine for an infinite number of looks, that every woman should have in her closet!”
But what about the makeup multi talents? “Can anyone tell me the five makeup basics you can use to create lots of different looks?”, asks guest lecturer Lisa Eldridge. No need to stress, here’s your cheat sheet:


1. Concealer – the white shirt

A little concealer under the eyes and over any areas of redness immediately cleans up the complexion and can ideally replace your foundation altogether (although you’ll still need your trousers). Once you’ve found the perfect white shirt you’ll stick to the tried and true – and no longer feel any urge to buy that extra-long shirt, or the one with brown buttons, or the one without a collar, or the silk one, or the one you found on holiday in Ibiza, or the one with embroidery, or trumpet sleeves… (you know I know we could all go on for hours). For those who are extra bold, the concealer can double as a nude lipstick.




2. Mascara – the Blazer

The most famous round brush in the world, for the tiniest hairstyle in the world. With just one or two coats, you’re fully dressed. Mascara takes your workday attire to unknown levels of resoluteness and gets a celebratory after-hour update with nothing more than a swipe of red lipstick. Additionally, every layer of mascara adds endless possibilities for any number of different looks.

First coat: I didn’t do it, it was like that when I got here.
Second coat: double mascaraed is double lacquered.
Third coat: Bar-o-clock!
Schicht 4: Fourth coat: Twiggy-Time!!
Fifth coat: Monday morning.




3. Red Lipstick – the little black dress

Red lipstick is what you swiftly draw from your purse when it’s time to take both your look and the mood from “Yours sincerely …” to “One martini please!”.
Lightly dabbed on, red lipstick works perfectly as an everyday look, and a hint of it on the cheeks acts as a convenient replacement for blush.
Now, of course, you’re probably asking, “And what about during the day? I want to run after my tram in the morning, screaming from a red-lipped mouth!” Please, yes! Red lipstick is appropriate anywhere and everywhere (for example, as in the picture to the left, when emerging from a bush at nighttime). The only requirement is to wear it on a head held high.



4. Eye Pencil – the Jeans

You can always rely on an eyeliner pencil, as long as you’re not all about that skinny fit. The more comfortable the line the better. For an even more natural look, simply blend the harsh edges of the line with your finger, or smudge the kohl over the entire lid and around the eye for an instant smokey eye. Classic in black or brown, but even more interesting in navy blue, emerald or aubergine.






5. Brown Eye Shadow – the white T-Shirt

When that blue eyeshadow from 7th grade starts growing up, it usually turns brown, and almost everyone has one. There are countless applications for brown eyeshadow, especially if you choose a neutral tone (in Beauty-Speak, a brown neutral means something that shouldn’t be put in a hot wash with red things …) It suits anyone, anytime. Whether solo on the lids, or in combination with a kohl eyeliner, as a brow powder, or worked into a red lipcolor to produce a red brown, as a contouring shade and, for the grade grubbing geeks among us, sometimes even as a bronzer. 




Collage: Powder Paper


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