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How To: Matte Lips

“Matte lips, as famous as the Kardashians..” 

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Matte lips, as famous as the Kardashians. Famous in fact, because of the Kardashians and their Karminions – a global pool of helpers AKA Baes, who pout their plump lips at the camera while using an applicator to swipe on colours that look like they were cooked up in a lab by Dr. Evil himself. These calming, almost hypnotic videos certainly have a lot of  blood-pressure-lowering potential (although the background music is another matter).
The leader of the Matte-riarchy is Kardashian-sister Kylie, who’s cashed in on all this word of mouth propaganda on Youtube and Instagram to turn Dr. Evil’s formula into her own cosmetic empire, the success of which is reflected in her ever-increasing number of gold teeth.
Dr. Evil also seems to have had a hand in the naming of the product. After all, it’s not such a great leap from ‘liquid lipsticks’ to ‘liquidate.’ In any case, the master plan seems to be paying off because, somehow, it looks good!
Compared to their glossy counterparts, matte lips look a little more adult and restrained. Mattified mouths just seem made for running companies, delivering speeches and grabbing attention. Get yourself a lectern for the bathroom, here are two wearable techniques for chemical free, matte lips.

Version 1
After spending close to 400 words on it, I’m sure you own a Suki Lip Balm by now.
– Apply a thin layer of Suki Lip Balm.
– Then gently dab on lipstick.
When using this technique it’s more about really working the lip colour into the matte layer of lip balm, rather than using a lot of product.

Version 2
– Apply a thin layer of lip balm.
– Fill in lips with a matching shade of lip liner.
– Lightly ‘blot’ lips, which is to say, press a piece of toilet paper onto the lips to absorb any oily residue. Unless of course, like Niina Pechkovskaya, you actually own blotting paper.
– Dab on lipstick and, as in Version 1, work into the layer of lip liner.
– Blot again.
– Set. Set? Set.


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Note: Tini wears Version 1 using the Kjaer Weis lipstick in ‘Brilliant’ and I’m pretty sure she broke into a speech on the train home.
Eyes: RMS Beauty Swift Shadow in TT-71 ‘Tempting Touch’ (vegan)
Cheeks: HIRO Cosmetics Blush in ‘Clockwork Peaches’, Kjaer Weis Highlighter in ‘Radiance’ (vegan)


Makeup & Photo: Powder Paper


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  • teamsuki

    May 11, 2018 at 6:40 pm Reply

    great post! thank you so much for highlighting our 4-swipe lip formula!

    it seriously is the ultimate lipstick primer (& lip care formula) while hydrating & preventing chapped, cracked lips.

    you want to swipe at least 4x (Suki swipes at least 6x!) on each lip to maximize the benefits!

    it’s supposed to be ‘firm’ vs. the normal oily & greasy balms (there’s no moisture barrier there)!

    if you have any confusion or want to know more info, take a peek at Suki’s how-to video: bit.ly/4swipehowto – it’s essential for proper application & saves you time (& $$!) xo – teamsuki

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