ILIA Beauty Cucumber Water Stick Cooling and Refreshing

10 moments you’ll wish you had a Cucumber Water Stick

“Cucumber what?”

ILIA Beauty Water Stick Cooling and Refreshing
A few days ago, as I was demonstrating the new ILIA Beauty Cucumber Water Stick to my grandmother via WhatsApp video chat (yes, she loves WhatsApp), and told her it was a facial toner (“just like the rosewater you always use Grandma!”), the ‘lighbulb-moment’ that followed was like the first lightsaber illuminating those 80s TV screens. When I added that the stick also cools the skin, there was a slight disturbance in our connection, followed by the question, “and what on earth would young people need that for?” First of all, thank you Grandma! You really are my best anti-aging programme and just for you, here’s 10 moments you’ll find yourself wishing you had a Cucumber Water Stick.


1. When the train door slams shut and you’re on the wrong side: cool down.

2. When you could have sworn your check-out lane at the supermarket was gonna be the quickest one: cool down.

3. As a jump-in-the-pool-to-go, for summer rooftop days. For even more cooling, preferably store in the refrigerator. Although that does assume one spends the entire day at home and makes me wonder: chic handbags with built-in refrigerator compartment – my Million Dollar Idea?

4. When after stepping off a 14-hour flight it’s still 7am. 

ILIA Beauty Cucumber Water Stick Cooling and Refreshing5. When you’re stuck in a traffic jam and are suddenly faced with the unusual problem of ‘too-much-time’: applying the stick with closed eyes and making yourself consciously aware of the cool sensations across your skin can be extremely meditative. Aloe vera moisturizes, cucumber extract has a decongestant effect and chicory root extract acts as an anti-inflammatory. This can be your time of day to practice mindfulness.

6. In the morning as the natural enemy of the snooze button. Simply swipe a few times across the eyes and you’re wide awake. Cool up!


7. As a wake-up call during a long night, because you wanted to be 16 again and said yes to one of those 4am parties. Cool you!


8. When you’ve got an annoying customer on hold and your strong nerves still have a weak core. Feet up, eyes closed, stick out, headset off*.


9. When they’re giving out free ice cream for kids on the train and the anti-aging creme isn’t working as well as you’d hoped. Cool down and call Grandma!


10. If you want to confuse a know-it-all: you know who I mean. They never seem to sleep and are never far away when there’s something to criticise. Watching someone roll a stick of deodorant across their face should shut them up at least until the next bus stop. Cool down and have a laugh to yourself, or start singing out loud!


*and hang up the phone again : )


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