A brief Insta-Chat about aging, surgery and laser technologies

with Veronika Haslinger aka. @stilblut


She actually just wanted to write that she would also like to try the Rahua Leave-In Treatment, she saw in my Insta Story, but mentioned in this context her first white hair and so I could not help but ask a few questions. Everything about conversation-promoting concepts at the hairdresser’s, tired eyelids, laser technology and graceful aging – thrown into bits-and-bytes space by us with great interest in your personal opinions, but first – read for yourself. 


Veronika: My move or actually months of ongoing remodeling, has given me my very first white hair (which I’m totally sovereign #not going to tear out)



Dunja: I think that’s great. Good state of mind. At the Rahua and Andreas Kurkowitz event today we actually discussed if we would consider surgery one day. Kurkowitz has a large table in his salon, where guests can sit at, so they won’t be staring at a mirror on the wall, but can talk to each other. What we did of course. Would you consider surgery or botox?


Veronika: Really exciting question that I think about a lot. Never say never, though at some point I might do something on the eyelid (maybe a mini-small syringe, I do not even know if that exists). It kind of lost its natural lift due to many sleepless nights and stands for exhausting, long and depressing phase in my life I don’t want to be constantly reminded of. But I’m not ready yet. Really curious though. I’m afraid once you start, you can’t stop anymore.

How do you feel about it?


Dunja:  From my perspective (31), I don’t think much about it yet. But at the table I raved about laser technologies. I got really bad acne at 17, had to take isotretinoin, cortisone, the full program. I was even in a Skin Clinic for 14 days. Then had severe scarrings, which are still visible, but have become much smaller thanks to the Fraxel laser. And apparently this laser can also reduce the depth of wrinkles. I’m very into laser thearpies now. Next I’m gonna try the Clear+Brilliant one. It’s a low key version of the Fraxel laser. 

I also talked about my younger cousin who – as if she would go to the supermarket to run errands – takes her bestie to the doctor and they both get their lips done, to make her already full lips more symmetrical. The one is namely minimal narrower. Did I mention she is 22? She says it so easy and relaxed. It seems simply belong to her generation. Maybe she just too long consumed perfectly retouched Liquid Lipstick lips on Instagram.

Btw. I am currently using an Instagram App on my computer. That’s why I can fire the lyrics out so fast, haha.


Veronika: I’m jealous, typing here into my phone. I also need such an app!

I also think it’s amazing what you can do with laser technology. And for me that does not run under “doing something” especially in your case! I’m glad these technologies exist. Considering your younger and very oung cousin, I find this way too early. Thanks to the Kardashian / Jenner clan and the typical liquid lipstick Insta-pout pictures it seems to have become completely normal for many young girls.


Dunja: Returning to your question. Who knows how I’ll feel about it in 15-20 years? There is a lady in my hometown whom I have known for a long time. I say Lady, because that’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you meet her. Her name is Vera. Vera is the epitome of ‘la classe’. Aging beautifully and proudly. I’ve always wondered why – how she does it or better what she does to make it shine and I think the answer is I guess ‘nothing’. That’ laissez-faire attitude comes out of every pore and that gives her such a grace.

She is over 60 and likes to surround herself with young people. I think she bathes in admiring faces when she tells her stories, but draws a clear line between herself and the younger ones. She doesn’t want to appear or look younger and that has quite some impact.



Veronika: That Vera is also my #aginggoal! The attitude is what counts. Unfortunately, you can’t buy it bottled in pretty jars. Also cities sometimes put a lot of pressure on me. I always feel extremly relieved and relaxed when I’m at the countryside. Here in Munich you are constantly confronted constantly with alleged perfection and impeccable people. To me that’s not very helpful. Really exciting and important topic! And Vera not trying to look younger reminds me of this picutre: when I see a woman’s back and then she turns around and aged within seconds. My mother calls this: back lyceum and front museum.


Welcome to the Powder Room. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, take a sip and tell us how you feel about these topics. Ever tried laser? Would you do surgery? Do you haven an aging plan? 


Photo: Veronika Haslinger (@stilblut) & Dunja Kara (@powderpaper)


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