Kimberly Sayer Eye Lift Gel

This beauty-adapter gives me 8 hours of sleep in 15 minutes

“Wait, what’s a beauty-adapter?”

Kimberly Sayer Eye Lift Gel


Upon entering my bathroom, there’s two things my guests will almost certainly notice before anything else. Firstly, that they cannot find the soap right away, because there are so many damn beauty products on the sink, and secondly, that even more products cover just about every inch of the bathroom’s remaining counter tops. If you decide to go my the bathroom to play the good old tube-and-pot-smelling game, you may want to take along a sandwich and something to drink, before your small sojourn turns into a long-haul trip.
In this space, where most people find themselves utterly overwhelmed by the piles of products, about which they more often than not have many questions, I have an answer and a story for each and every product.


There was, for example, the pack of Whamisa Sheet Masks that was once mistaken for sliced cheese, or the ILIA Beauty Cucumber Water Stick, for which I can list at least 10 pro-arguments


And then there’s the Eye Lift Gel (vegan) by Kimberly Sayer. One of the beauty-adapters from my modest collection. Wait, what’s a beauty-adapter?
Beauty-adapters convert night into day. They are the link between a sleepless night and an impending work day; if one’s day is destined to follow directly after one’s night, that means none or very few hours of restful sleep in between.

Kimberly Sayer Eye Lift Gel
The reasons for this range from “watching only one more episode of XY on Netflix”, to Berlin party nights which like to redefine time itself and now exist purely in my memories, to (and here we’ve arrived at my current reality) “the baby’s come down with something aka there’s always something aka they’re teething or they’re sick aka they’re teething and they’re sick”. And so, while peering in the mirror in the morning, every lost hour of sleep plain to see under my tired eyes, my hand wanders reflexively to my adapter, the Kimberly Sayer Eye Lift Gel (vegan), which creates a smooth transition between day and night in only 15 minutes.


In the morning, I simply apply a thicker layer under my eyes, drink a cup of coffee while watching my daughter drip her porridge around the plate and wait until the skin under my eyes has had its morning drink too. What remains of the layer after about 15 minutes, I wipe off with a tissue. The skin under my eyes is so hydrated afterwards, that it really looks a bit plumper and firmer – call it lifted. And even though I’m still mentally in stand-by mode, at least no one will be able to tell anymore. Raise your morning coffee/tea cups. Cheers to 8 hours of sleep in only 15 minutes! 


And now please tell me, what beauty-adapters will I find in your bathroom? What’s your number one quick pick me up product?


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