Konjac Sponge

Is the Konjac Sponge officially out?

“or has it simply been lost in the new Instagram alghorithm?”

Konjac Sponge


What ever happened to the konjac sponge?
I don’t see it on Instagram anymore. Thanks to hashtags like ‘topshelfie’ and ‘beautyroutine’, it’s never been easier for fanatics to peek inside the bathrooms of their favorite beauty gurus (the digital equivalent of asking “could I use you bathroom?” before turning over every container and sniffing inside every bottle in the room). But all I see these days is a lot of pink and white, with the occasional facial roller thrown in. Is the konjac sponge out for good, or has it simply been hung out to dry somewhere out of view? Or worse – is it no longer instagrammable? I guess it’s just not as easy to take an aesthetically pleasing photo of a wet sponge than it is of a counter full of tubes and bottles from the Millennial Factory.
I’m pretty sure that last statement can’t be entirely accurate though. I mean, doesn’t it really look like something sweet straight out of a French patisserie?

Instagram could still be to blame. After all we’re now basically just looking at a lot of pictures of the same thing, over and over. Although I have to admit I could probably watch ASMR videos on repeat forever, there’s only so many times I can scroll past another picture of Kim Kardashian’s fifth wig change of the day.

Konjac Sponge

I can still remember a time when it seemed like nearly everyone on instagram was proudly holding this sweet little sponge up to their camera lenses. And so I have to ask: what happened? Where is it? Does it not spin as swiftly as a clarisonic? Is it not rough enough?


“If it could talk, it would whisper gently in the language of Vegan.”


After all, these are some of its best qualities. Delicate, soft and fluffy, it glides over the face, massaging the skin and exfoliating so gently you can use it every day, even on the most sensitive skin. If it could talk, it would whisper gently in the language of Vegan.

Enriched with French Clay (for mature or sensitive skin) and Bamboo Charcoal (for acne-prone skin), just about everyone will find the konjac sponge right for them. I can’t personally vouch much for their effects, as I generally stick to using the classic sponge which is, at most, enriched with a lot of glow. But then, the same can be said for any konjac sponge. Of this fact you will be thoroughly convinced shortly after cleansing, during a private soliloquy in front of the mirror, in which you exclaim, “Well well well, what have we here? A very clever head wrapped in soft, rosy skin.”


You might be thinking this was a somewhat strange review to write for a sponge. And maybe your appeal to adjust the camera lense a couple of degrees during the next instagram shoot will reveal this passionate essay to be entirely unnecessary. In any case, keep me posted! Convince me of the opposite! Do you still use a konjac sponge?


Photo: Powder Paper 


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