Lois Lee Pure Skin Food Towels

Why I quit with muslin cloths

and found another love

Lois Lee Pure Skin Food Towels


Lately my skin has been acting crazy. If you follow me on Instagram you’ve whitnessed the naked truth. When I take off my makeup, I see pimples everywhere and the rest of the skin is covered in a sporty redness, which tells stories of a nonexistent passion for running.
There are many reasons for this skin condition, about which I refer just one tab further in another document, because I always write 16 texts at the same time. More on this topic soon.

Wait, I just got an idea how to finish another text. I’ll be right back.

So my skin became really sensitive, which is why a few weeks ago, for the first time ever during my daily makeup removing session, I questioned the small square of muslin in my hand. We’re talking about 7 years fo consistend use of muslin cloths, with some short trips into the world of a few electric cleansing brushes, which, to everyone’s well, only belonged to a trend. I always stayed true to my muslin cloths until said evening.

Lois Lee Pure Skin Food TowelsSuddenly I wondered if it was good for my already-troubled skin to ‘scrub’ it every night, only to make sure that even the smallest particle of makeup wasn’t left behind. Shouldn’t cleansing be more gentle now and gentle in general? What was better? Completely makeup free using a relative harsh muslin cloth or gently cleansing and maybe a little makeup leftover here and there? It suddenly no longer felt right to maltreat my already sensitive skin and pimples with the rather rough muslin fiber.

I put it down immediately, reached for a towel, damped a smaller part of it with warm water and gently washed my face. It felt better immediately. I could even enjoy the softer texture of the cloth and imagined that I would indulge my skin so that it would feel a little more loved and become stronger angain, which is completely regular thinking for someone who regularly conducts self-talk and is very much into dialogues with their own plants. 

And what do you do, if you have a lot of lip gloss in your brain? Correct, you immediately start researching towels, which have to redefine the word soft again. I first discovered the muslin-terry hybrid by Pai Skincare (a textured muslin side and a soft terry side). I found it very convenient but then remembered the estimated 25 muslin cloths in my bathroom and decided to invest in terry cloths by Lois Lee and they’re even made of organic cotton. They are so soft that I also use them to remove the leftovers from the daughter’s daily SPF-marinade and they remove makeup perfectly. My skin feels really nice afterwards and looks less red. My plants have confirmed that too.


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