Ogaenics Natürliches Vitamin D K2 Hello Sunshine

What natural Vitamin D supplements can do for you

“The daily dose of sun in a pill.”

Vitamin D K2 Ogaenics


If Berlin pedestrians suddenly and of the blue stop on the street and don’t move anymore, there are three reasons which could explain why:

– Either they’re tourists, holding their camera looking for the perfect postcard shot that shows something like a graffiti, bicyclists or street performers

– or they are party people who have fallen into standby mode,

– or they’re Berlin citizens who, despite all physical laws, freeze because the sun shows for a brief moment in Fall/Winter and warms their pale faces. Yes, they just stop, let the backman shout at them, stretch their faces towards the sky and some – which is known to be very rare – even start smiling.

That’s why this article in the ‘No Time for’ category is a little out of line, because we’re always taking a little bit of time for the sun, don’t we? But since it’s stuck somewhere on the YouTube channels of California based video bloggers during Fall and Winter days we have to find our own ways to get the daily dose of Vitamin D.
Also people who spend most of their Spring and Summer days wearing sunglasses and Hawaiian shirts in front of the computer in the office and therefore can only form modest reserves of Vitamin D, should be considering taking supplements. Vitmain D supports the body in calcium production, strengthens the immune system and has a positive effect on the mood.

It also makes beautiful in a way, or at least stimulates the cell renewal and thus preserves the youth of the skin and not to forget that a ‘good mood’ smile makes beautiful too – except maybe in this case here. May favorite sun in a pill comes from Ogaenics and is called (hello) ‘Hello Sunshine’. The Hamburg based brand completes the good mood with 100% natural and vegan ingredients and is more likely to be the no-time-for-fruits-and-vegetables basket that sets itself apart from the office computer.


Photo: Powder Paper


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