I decided to skip Shampoo and have the best hair ever

Berlin based Yoga-Teacher Mariya Abyss talking us through her No-Poo Routine

I used to experiment a lot with my hair. I straightened it, blow dried it and used tons of silicony products. so they still looked nice after I had maltreated them with the flat iron. Here a little something for the tips, there a leave-in cure – I have used so much.
When I decided to stop with strainghtening, I realized how destroied my hair structure really was. I missed my bouncy, curly hair. You know, that kind of that curls up, because it’s just so healthy. So I started to do some research. At that time, more and more people were trying to avoid silicones in their hair care, that’s why I was able to find a lot of information online right away. That helped me alot. The best advice was to not give up, because it actually gets worse when you switch to natural hair care.


“My hair was unbearable for several months.”


My hair was unbearable for several months. You could tell, it had to recover first. I used to buy a lot of products from the hairdresser; the typical silicone brands, you would find there. And once the whole build-up of the silicones was washed out of my hair, I was able to really see how damaged it was.

I’ve been experimenting with hair washing for about 3-4 years now. At some point I just skipped the shampoo. My hair was always dry after washing, looked frizzy and hardly shone, even with organic shampoo.


“Sometimes I wash my hair with oatmeal or soda.”


So I replaced shampoo with natural substances like oatmeal. The result was really really good, only the stuff always clogged my tub.

For about a month now I do not even use shampoo replacement, maybe a bit of soda every now and then, followed by a rinse with vinegar and water, it’s such a great natural conditioner and so cheap, or I’ll do a natural hair mask. I am really happy with this routine now. I have to wash them less often than ever.

Of course, I’ll never give up trying new products, but in the end, I’m sure I will stick to my no-poo concept.
The rosemary conditioner, which I do sometimes, I also have from the depths of the Internet. I think I discovered it somewhere on Youtube. Simply boil rosemary for 20 minutes, let it cool down and, after shampooing, rinse your hair with it. Provides beautiful shine for dark hair. With blonde hair, you can probably do it with camomile.


After that I definitely need some oil in my hair. I use it almost every day anyway and always just use the smallest amount. I wet my hair a bit and then work some oil into the tips. I’m a big fan of oils and I like to switch between argan and coconut oil. The coconut one, I find, is sometimes not greasy enough for me to begin with. From a trip to Thailand, I still have a rosemary hair oil from a company called Lemongrass. I love the natural scent.

I have a hypopigmenation in a left strand and the left eyebrow. There’s just blond hair in my dark mane; my lucky streak. I used to color it and a few years ago I decided to leave it as it is. I only dye my eyebrow once a month, because my face looks more finished then.
My ultimate beauty tip is castor oil. I have been using it on my eyebrows for about six weeks, because I would like to have them thicker and actually noticed that they have become a little fuller.


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