The case for more colour on the eyes

Organic Makeup Artist Melanie Christou using HIRO Cosmetics Eye Shadows
from Organic Make-Up Artist Melanie Christou

Organic Makeup Artist Melanie Christou using HIRO Cosmetics Eye Shadows


This weekend’s and Monday Morning makeup inspiration comes from London. Organic makeup artist Melanie Christou worked her magic and created a rainbow. I wonder if she also hides the pot of gold somewhere. 

But Instagram is a veritable breeding ground for colorful unicorn makeup; what’s so special about this? Maybe it’s because it looks so wonderfully wearable, as though inviting you to try it out for yourself, just as I did last night before going absolutely nowhere. This look isn’t just for the absurdly beautiful Frida Jensen. Us mere mortals can pull this off too.

Besides that, I pretty like the idea of dinner with friends while wearing dessert right on my face. Sugar glaze on the lips and macarons on the eyes and cheeks. Why not? Here’s the case for more color on the eyes.

“I just wanted to create something fresh, out of the ordinary, metallic, summery and fun. I love colour. You can see that through my work. Whenever I can create a colourful look, I will. My background is in fine art/collage so collaging colours, textures and patterns was always my passion. This look I think, it works because the colours work in harmony with each other, they don’t fight. Also fresh clean skin and a gloss is always the most contemporary way to pair a colourful eye make up. 

I want people to see that makeup is not just a black eyeliner and mascara. Literally, I take the underground everyday and 90% of the women I see they all wear the same boring eyeliner look! Makeup is fun, is colourful! It shouldn’t always make your eyes more blue or more almond shaped.


The Look


I applied HIRO Gold Rush on the lid and HIRO Crazy Plum on the outer corner, Green Dreams on the lower lash line and finished off with one coat of Colorisi Mascara – that’s it. For blush I mixed two eye shadow shades from Zao – the Pearly Eye Shadows in Nr. 103 und 115, to get a rosy red shade. 

I didn’t know where this look was going. The way I work is by trusting my intuition, and I know when a makeup look is finished when I feel it! Just like with collage. Everything falls into place and you KNOW that it’s done.”




Makeup: Melanie Christou @melaniechristoumua
Photo: Johana Kim @johanakim
Model: Frida Jensen @friidajensen

Translation by Heather Leeson. Hey Heather, you know how much Powder Paper loves you, right?


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