Josh Rosebrook Nutrient Day Cream SPF 30, Kjaer Weis Ravishing, Zuii Organic Melon Blush

Powder High Five: July

“Could this be the ultimate sunscreen?”


Let’s imagine you have my number and call me up to check out what I’ve discovered in July and because you wanna ask me some beauty questions.


I’m still looking for the perfect sunscreen.

1. I know. Eventually, we will find you one. This blog actually only writes about sun protection and Jennifer Lopez’ glowing face. So to stay on topic, today we’ll talk about the dilemma that is natural sunscreen. Thanks to the good school of fashion magazines, at some point you’ve internalized the idea that sun protection is very important, you’re extremely motivated to wear it and have been known to burn large sums of money in the never-ending quest to find ‘the one’. Of course, it should feel light on the skin, since you’ll be wearing your normal day cream underneath, as sun cream provides one thing and one thing only: sun protection. “Hang on a minute” says Josh Rosebrook, pulling out the ingredients list for his Nutrient Day Cream SPF 30 (vegan).
Aloe vera, shea butter, hemp seed oil, jojoba oil, borage oil, almond oil, grapeseed oil, sesame oil, avocado oil, sanddorn oil, broccoli oil and calendula are only the beginning of a series of nourishing oils and herbal extracts included in this almost permanently sold out (hurry!) sun cream, which also cares for the skin. If you’re not a huge fan of foundation, it’s also available in a tinted version. As I type this, the Josh Rosebrook Nutrient Day Cream now sits in the top league of my Clean Routine.


Since reading your article, I’ve been regularly massaging my face. What’s next?

2. You can turn your evening routine into one big massage orgy, and simply continue massaging your skin in circular motions with your fingertips, or you can try out ‘gua sha’ for the face. The scraping technique originates from TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) and is used there as a form of first aid to treat various ailments such as colds. All you need is a scraper and a clean, oiled face. You can find numerous how-to videos online. I decided to use the method in the video linked below, partly because it helps drain lymphatic fluid by moving it with the aid of the scraper, but mostly because Dr. Tina Hou looks like the type of person I’d love to have coffee and cake with. For a scraper you can use a soup spoon, a Chinese spoon or even a jade-looks-great-in-my-bathroom-stone. I still don’t look like Dr. Tina Hou, but who knows? This type of massage stimulates blood circulation really well and the scraper profoundly relaxes sore computer eyes. 


I can’t look at any more red nails.

OZN Vegan Tatiana veganer Nagellack 7free3. That’s OK. It’s definitely just a phase, like detox drinks with activated charcoal. For now, your favorite red is hiding out in OZN Vegan’s shade Tatiana, behind a metallic copper-orange, and is taking on his new supporting role with gusto. A color seen during Art Basel on the heads, shoes and oversized-organically-shaped-jewellery of those who have ‘something to do with art’. Tatiana turns your fingers into jewels, which may be pointed imposingly towards an oeuvre at the next vernissage to simulate the fact that you really get the artist. And more importantly, the color goes perfectly with sun-kissed summer skin. 




Is there really a natural cosmetic dupe for Nars’ ‘Orgasm’?

4. Funny you ask. Just a few weeks ago I finally found the perfect dupe. Or more precisely, it found me; thanks to Anna Fernmo. During her Clean Routine profile she pulled out her blush and said in that truly swedishly-casual way of hers: “You know what, just keep it! I’m happy, if you use it.” Zuii Organic’s innocently named Melon is seemingly the perfect natural cosmetic substitute for the famous climax from Nars.


What was your highlight in July?

Kjaer Weis Ravishing Highlighter and Affection Lipstick5. To remain faithful to the ever-inflating contest of glowing faces, the highlight for July was naturally a highlighter (who’s buying me an activated charcoal drink for that word play?). Kjaer Weis’ Ravishing is everything you could expect from a highlighter. The texture doesn’t stick but rather blends beautifully with the skin, while the glow is subtle and creates more of a glow from within, than a Studio54 balcony from the outside.







Photo: Powder Paper
Model: Hanny (Mirrrs Models)


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