Lily Lolo Mascara Max Factor False Las Effect

A welcome break up

“..and a new love.”

Lily Lolo Mascara Max Factor False Las Effect
My dear Max Factor False Lash Effect,

what I’m about to say will surely not come as a surprise – after all, we both knew this friendship couldn’t last forever. I’m sure you still remember that summer five years ago, when I realized just how many toxins my cosmetics contained and spent days glued to the computer screen in my pyjamas, researching ingredients until the only things left in my bathroom were a toothbrush and toothpaste, and a poster of outer space.

I walked away from you then, but it was only a few short days until I started to miss you, as I began to realize you still were irreplaceable to me. While I did make a series of new acquaintances, like RMS Beauty, ILIA Beauty and Dr.Alkaitis, you still hid out at the bottom of my makeup bag under the pseudonym ‘compromise’.

I remember fondly the first time I laid eyes on you. Moments after spotting you in the drug store, you convinced me to take you home. Of course, the ‘false’ in your name turned out to be more of a false promise; nevertheless, you opened up my eyes in such a way that, before long, I just couldn’t live without you. Even your somewhat pessimistic moods were OK with me; although you always tended to paint a rather black picture, you never laid it on too thick.

Do you still remember those vacations when we’d dance the night away together, and you wouldn’t leave my side until sunrise, when I went for that early morning dip? I had completely forgotten how water-shy you are. Of which you reminded me once more that one time I had to hand over the meagre remnants of my monthly internship salary, in tears, to pay off a train fine; you left my cheeks streaked with war-paint. We’ve seen so much together: cryptic blackboard notes and cheat sheets, early morning sunrises and ladders in stockings, thousands of instagram pictures and hundreds of analogous paintings.

For the longest time I’ve turned a blind eye to the fact that some of your ingredients have a reputation for triggering allergies, or even being carcinogenic, while keeping the other on the lookout for an adequate replacement. Now the day has come, and I am leaving you for good. I’ve found someone new. Her name is Lash Alert! from Lily Lolo, and she really lives up to her name (besides which ‘Lily Lolo’ sounds seriously ready to party). I have to say, she’s mastered your old job and added some serious oomph- to be honest, she’s even better than you! On top of that, she’s vegan, loves animals, and is completely allergic to parabens. Of course, like you, she has a bad case of hydrophobia, but I can live with that. I will always cherish the time we had together and I’ll never forget you. Maybe you should take some time to work on yourself and visit me some time in ‘Content is King’.

Hold your bristles high!


Yours, Dunja


Foto: Powder Paper


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