Never forget your sunscreen again

“Five products to put the fun back in sun protection.”

Alga Maris SPF and ILIA Beauty SPF Brush
Alga Maris SPF and ILIA Beauty SPF Brush
ILIA Beauty Darlin
   °ILIA Beauty - Darlin'
ILIA Beauty Darlin
Kimberly Sayer SPF 30 and HIRO Cosmetics Mineral Make Up
Kimberly Sayer SPF 30 and HIRO Cosmetics Mineral Make Up
ILIA Beauty Kamikaze
   °ILIA Beauty - Kamzikaze
ILIA Beauty Kamikaze


Not long ago, on an unusually warm April day, I was out walking with my daughter and soaking up some vitamin D, when we were suddenly cut off by a horde of three year olds, whose teachers seemed to take the concept of ‘priority to the right’ pretty seriously. As we stopped to let them pass, I noticed something funny (besides their much-too-big backpacks): the entire group reeked of concentrated sun screen. An image came to my mind, of stressed-out parents in the bathroom that morning, marinating their children in sunscreen at lightning-speed, while simultaneously attempting to drink a coffee, do up their tie and brush their hair. Applying a layer of sunscreen to their own bodies of course, would have been the last thing on their minds, either because

1. there just wasn’t enough time


2. their daily allotment of personal responsibility had already been expended on those who still need help tying their shoelaces.

Well, you certainly don’t need to have kids nowadays to be running late in the morning or simply to forget your sunscreen. It suffices to wake up and immediately reach for your phone, conveniently placed right next to the bed (for the alarm, right?), and then spend too long looking at avocado toasts on instagram, until the only morning routine you have time for is to hop into a pair of jeans and apply your eyeliner on the subway. Though of course, we all know of the importance of sun protection – after all, they did start training us early. That’s why Powder Paper has put together 5 idiot-proof and morning-rush compatible sun protection products to keep you in good spirits, in the hope that at least your inner child will be protected from the sun:


1. Mineral Makeup
Concealer, Foundation and SPF in one. Most mineral makeup has integrated sun protection, as it contains ingredients like titanium or zinc oxide, all of which also function as physical UV filters in creams.
Fun-times-factor: the joy of application increases proportionally to the intensity of dull skin that one woke up with. Mineral makeup swiftly creates a balanced, radiant complexion in just the blink of an eye, doesn’t feel heavy on the skin and has you covered with a high SPF.


2. SPF Brush
What do you give someone who already has everything? What about a brush with built-in, mattifying UV-protective powder, like Moondance (vegan) from ILIA Beauty? A breeze to use and festival-ready.
Fun-times-factor: have some fun while taking responsibility for your skin. The UV filter brush is the grown up version of the baby airplane spoon and is just as easy to use, simply fly across the face to help mattify shiny spots.


3. Fast-absorbing sunscreen
The ultra popular Kimberly Sayer Ultra Light Facial Moisturizer SPF 30 (vegan) is as obiquitous on natural beauty blogs as the imprint. A day cream with added sun protection, that does everything you need it to and is delightfully uncomplicated. This fast absorbing and lightweight moisturizer never looks ashy and smells like ultra fresh limes, with one bottle lasting you an ultra long time.
Fun-times-factor: fast-absorbing sunscreen!!


4. Sunscreen that smells of vacation
The Alga Maris Sunscreen (vegan) is easily applied all over the body thanks to its spray bottle and smells of Carribean Beaches. If you happen to have a little left over after your summer vacation, just store the bottle right next to your desk and spray in moments of longing. You’ll make plenty of new office friends in no time.
Fun-times-factor: a spray-on Raffaello commercial (remember this one, 90’s kids?)


5. Lippenstift mit Sonnenschutz
Gone are the days of applying an SPF lip balm and looking like you’ve just climbed Mount Everest. ILIA Beauty released two tinted lip conditioners this year, with SPF 15, because the only things that should get your lips burning are cheeky remarks and popsicles.
Fun-times-factor: no matter your age: color!


Photo: Powder Paper


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