Eco by Sonya Cacao Firming Mousse

How I get those Summer Legs in just 4 hours


Eco by Sonya Cacao Firming Mousse


Something remarkable happened last week. Berlin suddenly has a new resident, spreading itself all over the city and providing free marketing for its ice cream parlours. Spring is finally here- and it’s out in full force. Of course, as is the case every year, with the changing seasons comes the inevitable confusion surrounding the dress code. It’s not quite warm enough to give up the onion look completely, which at this time of year can be a very practical mediator between the morning dew and midday heat. Indeed, you may well find yourself at 3pm, stripped down to jeans and a t-shirt, handbag stuffed with the remaining four layers, as you line up once again for ice cream. The really brave ones are standing in shorts and skirts in front of their mirror missing that one very charming pre-summer accessory though: tanned legs.

Eco by Sonya Cacao Firming Mousse

Angelina Jolie leg before self-tanning.

Now who isn’t familiar with following situation? You’re standing naked in the bathroom, a glass of red wine in your trembling hands and a silent prayer on your lips, hoping that the self-tanner you’re about to apply will show even results on the highs and lows of your body.

At least that’s how I felt when, during a sleepless night, I thought I could distract from the dark circles forming under my eyes with a pair of golden legs. To my delight, the Eco by Sonya Cacao Firming Mousse smelled of bitter orange praline with a dash of coffee, which kept me awake just long enough to put my plan into action.
I’m already a big fan of the entire Eco by Sonya line and I especially love the gradual self-tanner ‘Winter Skin‘. You don’t need any liquid courage for that product, which makes a very delicate tan, reminding you more of the sun-kissed cheeks of your nursery school days.


Eco by Sonya Cacao Firming Mousse

Angelina Jolie leg straight after I applied the Eco by Sonya Cacao Firming Mousse.

The Eco by Sonya Cacao Firming Mousse (vegan) on the other hand, promises “fast, stunning and streak-free tan” after just four hours, and it really delivers. Regarding the typical self-tanner smell – what you smell is acutally the chemical reaction of the skin in combination with the tanning-ingredient. So you can’t really avoid that. At least here you also smell a bit like cacao and coffee after four hours. The mousse’s foamy texture also makes a lot of sense, as its watery consistency glides effortlessly across the skin and, unlike creamy self-tanners, absorbs extremely quickly. Plus, the formula leaves your skin with a slight tan as soon as it’s applied. After four hours it delivers a beautiful deep bronze tan that last up to one week.

Eco by Sonya Cacao Firming Mousse

Angelina Jolie leg in full on Waikiki mode after just 4 hours.

So, if you’ve been searching for the perfect intense, natural, vegan self-tanner, be sure to make a pit-stop here on your next trip to the bathroom. I could have sworn my skin even felt a little smoother and firmer after I applied it, providing this product’s name with its raison d’être. But that may have just been the dream I had during my much needed sleep.





For the pictures I applied the mousse by daylight? No wine bottles were harmed. Do you like the results? Can you recommend another natural brand for self-tanning? 



Foto: Powder Paper



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